Layers of Beauty

Choosing Real Goals


Looking great is a combination of attributes, and those with a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle are often considered to be beautiful. It is not just how they look physically, so their confidence and positive feelings must be a large part of it. They tend to smile more, and they are animated when talking with friends, family and even strangers. Their beauty shines out, but they do not have to have a perfect body, face or clothes to achieve that effect. Choosing real goals that are attainable for a good life can be just what makes them perfect.

Body shape is mostly controlled by genetics, and even doctors are not always willing to surgically correct it so a person can have a particular look. If a person is short or tall, they are generally stuck with what they have, and wide hips or a narrow face is what they must work with when making choices about how they will appear. Rather than bemoaning their genetics, learning how to compensate for them would be a better use of their time.

Diet and exercise are important for those who want their inner beauty to shine for the world, and their attitude can be a contributing factor. Those who have decided they will lose vast amounts of weight in a short time are more likely to experience disappointment or depression when they are unable to reach their goals. They should consider it a journey of exploration, and they will be more likely to understand that attainable goals in smaller increments will eventually give them the result they want.

It can be painfully difficult for those who are born with bodies that defy even the most strenuous diet and exercise regimens to keep trying when all their efforts seem destined for failure. While there are no guarantees, finding the right attitude toward achieving their goal could be the one factor that could eventually help them succeed.